I love the Internet, and it loves me back just as much. I love computers, and their circuits love me too.

Welcome to the Cisharp Domain!

Make yourself comfortable.

Chibi Artwork of an original character. It has pale green skin, long light blue hair, elven ears and a singular white horn. Its eyes are closed and its depicted floating. Its clothing is regal, with a jabot, brown vest, long dark boots and a blue cape with clothstripes resting on its shoulders. All of its clothing is laced with golden elementsThis website serves as a personal website for Nitunio, also known as Joel or Cisharp! Also known as the webmaster :). I'll try updating this website as time allows me and hopefully by the end of 2023 this website will be full of colours and creations and projects alike!

For a lack of the "About" section let me tell you more about myself! I'm an artist, I love steel things, computers and old games, mainly western RPGs. Lately I've been teaching myself various programming languages, such as HTML5, GDscript and Python! The last two are closely tied to my current main interest - game development!

My heart swells with fondness for games that were created by small teams and solo devs, and I find them inspirational! I've embarked on a journey to "break into the industry" myself and I'm slowly settling into the workflow.

Currently, this website is under a lot of maintenance. Feel free to check my other socials on the sidebars.